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A Violet Fire (Vampires in Avignon, #1) In The Vampire Stratocracy Of Cain, Human Blood Is Scarce For Centuries, Councils Have Sought To Assuage The Blood Shortage By Enslaving And Breeding Humans, Turning Them Into Profitable Supply Units For The Rich And The Abled Today, Eighteen Year Old Wavorly Sterling Is Officially A Supply Unit, Bound To Serve Her Blood Willingly To Her Master For The Rest Of Her Life One Of Only Few Humans That Was Not Bred In Cain, Wavorly Knows Freedom Better Than Anyone, And She Is Determined To Escape The Clutches Of Her Oppressors, Even If By The Hands Of Death But Surprises Lay Beyond Every Certainty, And Within Every Doubt Where Wavorly S Hatred For Both Vampires And Her Enslavement Once Flowed Free As Blood, It Merely Trickles As She Grows To Admire Her Reserved, Yet Receptive Master And Savior, Anton Zein Although Warmed By Comforts Never Felt Before, Danger Still Lurks In The Castle, And A Prophecy Calls From Beyond The Walls Of A Lavender Gate Concealing The Horrific Secrets Lodged Between Handsome Smirks And Cinereous Eyes It Will Take Everything Within Wavorly To Face Her Fears And Her Doubts To Harness The Truth Of Her Past Despite What That Means For Her Future The Only Question Is, Will She Set In A Richly Detailed World Of Fantasy, A Violet Fire Is A Gripping Journey Filled With Passion, Betrayal, Lies, And The Encouragement We All Need To Take A Stand For Our Freedom No Matter The Cost Image

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    Do I read vampire books as a rule Nope, but good writing is good writing and Kelsey Quick can write.It takes a little longer to pull me into a genre that isn t straight up stabby but if an author can do that Then I am willingly and happily along for the ride Quick achieved this on page one and after that it was just fantastic storytelling It s amazing to me that this is her debut novel.The subplots were seamlessly woven through the main story, the character names were fun and even by the end you re not sure who to pull for, but you know you want to read the rest Thank you to the author for nervously providing me with a review copy I made no promises and she s read my snarky reviews, so even though I gave no stars for her bravery I am going to mention it

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    When Wavorly Sterling was just a child, a vampire attack decimated the population of her hometown In fact, she is the only known survivor, rescued, or captured, depending on your perspective, and brought to live within the Vampire Stratocracy of Cain.Set in a dystopian world, where the blood supply is low, the Stratocracy has developed a vast and complex system for raising human supply units These supply units, are eventually chosen and bound to a master who they must serve, and feed, for the duration of their lives.Wavorly is brought to a sort of private school where the girls are raised together and taught how to please their future masters The majority of these girls were born within the Stratocracy, so have never tasted the freedom of the outside world as Wavorly has This sets her apart from the other girls and she struggles trying to understand their seemingly docile personalities in the face of what lies ahead of them.In fact, when we first meet her, she is in the midst of executing an escape attempt Although it may not go as planned, you have to give the girl props for her strength and determination.No matter how hard she fights back against the powers that be however, Wavorly is ultimately selected by Lord Anton Zein to live in his castle as one of his supply units They have a complicated history and you just know something s going to go down at that castle I really enjoyed this, you guys I do not read a lot of vampire related content, really my only experiences being Salem s Lot, NOS4A2 and Doctor Sleep, so I wasn t sure if I would enjoy this or not Spoiler Alert I did I loved the overall dystopian feel of this story The world building was excellent and I cannot wait to learn in the next book.In addition to loving Wavorly, I also really enjoyed quite a few of the side characters, who added depth, humor and challenging personalities to the story There were people you could really get behind and people that were a joy to hate Yes, that is a thing.Although the plot got a little jumbled for me towards the end, I was still on board for all that was happening There were revelations and betrayals, a lot of excitement I think this left off in a great spot for the continuation of the series and I definitely will be continuing I have no idea how many books are planned but personally, I am hoping for at least three This was one of those books that when I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about it and wishing I was Overall, this was an impressive debut I feel confident this author has a bright future ahead of her If you are looking for an inventive and captivating, fast paced read, you should definitely pick this one up Thank you so much to the author, Kelsey Quick, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review I have since pre ordered the paperback because I love the cover and also, have no self control.

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    I am a closeted fan of vampire books, especially the YA genre, but if anybody asks me I ll deny it I watch the Twilight movies every single time I see them on the guide, much to the chagrin of my bf Again, I ll deny this fact And A Violet Fire is exactly why I m such a fan of the genre.It s not so much of an original storyline as it does have the typical ingredients super hot vampire dude, willful chick who is, at first, immune to his wicked charms However, I was pleasantly surprised that that is where the stereotypes end in this book This story revolves around blood slaves which is especially awesome in my book errrr I mean this book Whatever I would totallyyy be a blood slave In the cerebral words of Paris Hilton, that s hot Enslavement is still enslavement, no matter how soft the chains See Totally hot.Unlike typical vampire stories, vampires don t hide in the dark in this book, they rule the world Muahahahaha I appreciate that vampires are the only creepy peeps walking the earth in this story because I m not particularly fond of mixing my paranormal monsters I m a snob that way.There s a twist at the cliffhanger end that I didn t see coming To be honest, I didn t even know I should have been looking for one Kelsey Quick s writing flows swiftly, never getting bogged down with superfluous page fillers Easily a one sitting type of read I am totally invested in this story and will be awaiting the second book with cold blood tinged bated breath Oh and look at that cover That s hot, right I was provided an ARC from the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Whoa What an incredible Journey I like Vampire books, but have tended to stay away from books where the main character is a blood slave because that storyline just didn t appeal to me However, I requested this book from Netgalley for some reason and I ended up loving every minute of it I have been reading it straight since I started and haven t even stopped to eat dinner It is now after midnight, so that tells you how much I liked it My son even offered to make dinner But I was too engrossed to stop and eat.The story is fully developed, all the characters are well rounded and described perfectly, there are a bunch of supporting characters in this story and you get to know all of them very well The story surrounds an eighteen year old human girl named Wavorly Sterling who used to live in a town called Avignon, France Until it was overrun with rogue vampires and her family was killed when she was eight One of the five Pureblood Militarily leaders of Cain, the Vampire Stratocracy, was nearby and came to check what was going on and saved Wavorly.He was one of the most feared in all of Cain and after that, he owned her His name was Lord Anton Zein After rescuing her he put her in Nightengale school of infantry supply, basically a training center to be blood supply for one of the five Leaders of Cain Almost all of the supply in Nightengale came from Saya which is a breeding center where they get sent if their blood isn t good enough or after they are done being used by the Lords of Cain Once they get to Saya, they have baby after baby until their bodies give out.Wavorly is different from everyone else in that she was once free, so she knows she is a slave and she longs to be free again Whereas the rest have been bred to serve their masters and brainwashed since they were born to think that it is their duty and the best they can attain They don t understand why she wants to escape.The pace really picks up once the day comes that the Lords arrive to choose their supply Each Lord already owns a bunch of humans, but they test the blood of each to decide who goes with them to the castle, who goes to Saya, and who is fed to the rogue vampires in the cells under the school The rogue vampires tear them to pieces Wavorly meets Lord Anton Zein again for the first time in ten years I won t give away spoilers but it is a good story There are so many unexpected surprises and Wavorly never does what you think she will She is a pretty great heroine and though there is a cliffhanger I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.Blog Goodreads Facebook Instagram Twitter BookBub

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    This little baby of mine is officially published Check it out if you re curious about my vamps Kindle UPDATED Hi everyone, thank you for your support thus far on my debut novel I can t believe how many of you are genuinely interested in reading it This is my first manuscript, my heart book one that I was determined to throw out into the world despite industry wide rejection Vampires just weren t cool enough to sign on from 2017 2018 Thus, I self edited with the mentor help of B.B Swann and the beta help of E.C Farrell , self illustrated, and self promoted this self published, 346 page labor of love.The idea for this epic tale has been on my heart for over a decade, where I was drafting manga panels for it in math class while reading Vampire Knight, Vol 1 out of LaLa magazine by Matsuri Hino It is definitely a story that I felt needed to be released to the world even though no one else did Whatever the outcome, I m glad that I tried Love you all 3

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    This book grabbed me right away and wouldn t let go.The only time I was able to tear myself away from it was when my kindle battery died.Stupid kindle.Battery fired back up I was completely sucked pun intended back in again.I am so freaking excited this is only the start of a series because I didn t get enough I am flabbergasted that this is her debut The world building, the sideways storyline, the hawt hawt vampiresObsessed with it all Much love to NetGalley Kelsey Quick for my ARC.

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    Disclaimer This book was sent to me by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.Oh.My.Nocturnal Nights.It s official.My heart is broken, my feminine energy is bristling, and vampires are back with a bloodthirsty vengeance.The world has been dominated by vampires for centuries now In Cain, Humans are bred to serve vampires in whatever form necessary as blood supply units, servants, or breeders They are instructed in special schools in how to best serve their immortal masters, through meekness and subservience But for Wavorly, one of the few humans who were born and raised outside of vampire rule before her inevitable capture, she would rather die than be a slave to a vampire After countless escape attempts, her day of judgment has finally come to see if her blood will qualify her a spot in her master s household as a live in servant and supply unit Somehow Wavorly is accepted into Zein s home, despite her insubordination and unabashed hatred for his ownership over her But as time goes on, Wavorly wonders if the vampire who brought her to Cain isn t the monster she believes him to be And maybe he sees her as than just a blood supply A Violet Fire has given me a book hangover from Hell, and it s unclear if I m going to make it.Send help Finally.An addicting YA Vamp Fantasy untainted by glittering blood lusters and a female protagonist who lacks self worth and looks to a man for breath.This, is true living corpse bliss.This book is the vampire Handmaid s Tale I didn t know I needed, and it is packed and layered with beautiful writing, witty and sharp dialogue and a plot that will make you weak at the knees I am HOOKED by this story line, and for good reason Like The Handmaid s Tale, this world is suffering from a distinct decline in human life, which is the main source of survival for vampires Though some parts of this world give respect to human life, Cain, much like Gilead, is the hub of humans enslaved to work as servants, blood supply units and breeders.When a human comes of age, they are brought before their master at the Distribution Ceremony where their blood is sampled If their blood is accepted, they are brought to their masters home to be used as a supply unit when needed The brainwashed humans who were born and bred in Cain are raised to believe their life mission is to look pretty, be submissive and to strive for the honor of having their blood sucked out of them.Dreamy, isn t it But the kicker here is this quality of blood is improved by quality of life and happiness So naturally that means our sassy, foul mouthed, and all around pissed off gem Wavorly has got to have some top shelf vital fluids right My blood should be the foulest thing to ever touch his lips Swoon Wavorly is the definition of a strong, fierce, gives no shits female lead We first meet her as she is attempting another escape from Cain the day before the Distribution Ceremony, and immediately we learn that she is not a damsel in distress sitting around twirling her hair around her finger She wants nothing than to be free of her enslavement to Zein, who swore to protect her when he saved her from a rouge vampire when she was a child, and to search for other humans off the grid Though she is forced into becoming a supply unit for Zein, she does so with a sharp tongue and zero remorse for her rash actions.Girl Is Fierce While you ve been staring at yourself in the mirror all your life, I ve been training myself on how to best ruin your reflection But where this story gets even interesting is when we get to see of Zein He is one of five of the most powerful and ruthless vampires in Cain, and has a long and bloody history on the battlefield and just in general He is said to be cruel and sadistic with zero regard for human life, but as time goes on, our girl begins to see a less murdery version of this mysterious immortal.Now don t worry, I m not going into any detail beyond that, but my oh my guys, Zein is giving me all the Lestat meets Rowan TOG vibes and I am dying DYING He s vague, he s angry, and he s got sharp looks that will make your blood run cold and sizzle all at once But in true form of my questionable taste in men, I am swooning over this vampires hot and cold demeanor It has been a solid 24 hours since I finished A Violet Fire and I am STILL questioning my stance on him I love him I hate him I d die for him I d die to stab him in the face.It s all very confusing his eyes return to their mysterious gray and appear to be lost in a sea I can t even begin to navigate I could go on for days about this book and the immense torture that I am experiencing due to this cliffhanger, but I must stop for fear that I am going to spill all the secrets just so I m not the only one writhing in pain This is so much than just a possible vampire romance It s dripping in feminist vibes, has an epic and mysterious plot where a prophecy speaks of a human savior, and makes you question your feelings right alongside Wavorly I am so obsessed with this book, I have already started reading it again just to find details that I ve missed Do yourself a favor, buy this.

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    Dark and intriguing, Kelsey Quick s A VIOLET FIRE is a tale of passion, oppression and the power of the human will to survive against all odds, even if it means death In a world where vampires rule, humanity is bred and enslaved as a food source, one teen, a rarity among the herd, knew freedom and is determined to find it again What Wavorly did not expect was to share an emotional attraction with her master that overstepped all boundaries and clouded her vision of escape.Steeped in rich detail, raw in its darkness, this tale is magnetic in its edgy telling, and trust me, these vampires ae the things of nightmares, nothing sparkly about them as they use and abuse their human sheep Prepare to wonder how such complete subservience can overtake the spirit of survival in humanity and revel in the audacity of one girl who dares to make her feelings known Is Wavorly destined to be than a blood slave Is she meant to be the beginning of a new world order where freedom is everything Kelsey Quick has done a remarkable job of creating a world that rides on the razor s edge of hell Stark and foreboding, see each scene in your mind and feel what the characters feel Find good among the evil and the strength of one human to test and go beyond the limits of her captivity.In a world of dark fantasy, where A VIOLET FIRE may not be an original tale, its presentation is fresh and riveting If you like your vampires to be the thing of nightmares, beautiful, yet deadly and your heroines to hold tight to an inner flame that burns for freedom, even as they question some of their own emotions, then this is a must read and Kelsey Quick should be on your list of go to authors Hard to believe this is her debut tale I received a complimentary ARC edition from DB management My review is completely honest and voluntary.Series Vampires in Avignon Book 1Publication Date December 9, 2019Publisher Kelsey QuickGenre Dark Fantasy YAPrint Length 398 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow

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    A really good vampire story 4.5 stars out of 5.If it s so good why is it not 5 stars It s purely because it s a series and I m going through a phase when I d prefer a standalone.If you like vampire stories, or you simply enjoy good writing, then this is the tale for you This one has plenty of strong female characters, which are flawed by their forced association to the vampires that they serve There are religious undertones here that some of you will enjoy and as you would expect from a vampire tale there is romance of a twisted nature For those of you like me who are old enough to remember the Hammer Horror films with Christopher Lee as Dracula, you know what I m talking about the vampire s mental and physical hold over their prey Kelsey Quick does a really good job of rekindling the vampire legends here and I look forward to the time when book 2 A Crimson Truth is available to read Thanks for reading.

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    An amazing read, not a vampire love story, but a tale that will be spread over books Engaging and thoroughly entertaining Wavorly is an amazing character, so gutsy I loved her so much, we don t get to know Zein too much as he s kept quite withdrawn and it s obvious we will learn over time I can t wait for the next.Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion