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    I was provided an ARC via Edelweiss Plus in exchange for an honest review.It is always a sad day when a book you were so excited about doesn t deliver and The Worst Best Man fell that pattern One important thing to know is that as a Brazilian, born and raised in Brazil, currently living in it, having a Brazilian main character was a very exciting thing to witness And that brings me to the good sides of this book it was really nice seeing my culture on the pages, I think for people that don t know much of Brazilian culture it will be a very interesting read There s a lot about the food, costumes, carnaval, samba and Another thing I enjoyed was the humor, not always, did fell flat often but at times would make me chuckle There was a lot of clever banter going on Sadly that was what I enjoyed the most about the book, because it disappointed and annoyed me often than not My biggest issue was Lina s alleged dislike towards Max and how she kept holding a grudge Now, it is fine to be upset at the person that indirectly hurt you But the book made Max drunk telling his brother to not marry Lina worse than, you know, the guy that cancelled the wedding in its day through his brother Lina would constantly try to be cold and short with Max and again, I see why but still doesn t add up on why she barely thought of her ex, didn t seem to be a lot of love there to begin with but she still was so upset because Max might have said something to make him change his mind about the wedding Taking in consideration his brother wasn t obligated, he cancelled so easily because deep down didn t want to marry her in the first place I would not be as annoyed if 1 Lina and Max had some sort of friendship, making it plausible she d me mad because she d thought of him as a friend but talked his brother off marrying her, yet they met each other just a couple days before the wedding or 2 Lina showed she truly loved Max s brother, making it make sense she d be so mad since she lost the man she loved But none of these were the case There was no fallout and even thoughts of her to the ex fianc that left her at the almost altar but a lot of hard feelings towards the best man that couldn t even remember what he told his brother since he was so drunk This also made Lina, a mature independent woman come across as very immature and childish, putting her own career at jeopardy because would make working with Max so difficult just to get back at him for what he did years ago She also never just talked out why Max did what he did like adults Instead would warm up to him to immediately go cold and act up That also made the romance seen very out of nowhere At one point they met again years later, the next we are supposed to buy they have feelings for each other By the time things were progressing I just couldn t get into it or believe they had feelings for each other when I felt like there s no development A few bickering lines doesn t equal a good relationship built up In the end, this sadly wasn t for me I wish I loved it I really did Thought of dnf ing it but kept hoping would get better I know it s hard to say I recommend after all this, but in case this doesn t sound like something would be a turn off for you, I do recommend for a fun, quick read.

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    I so wanted to like this book than I did But for as much as I love the diversity and unique story line, the characters and dialogue were stilted and felt off There were times when I couldn t tell who s point of view I was reading, Lina s or Max s And some of it got a little cringey Unfortunately, this romantic comedy left me wanting I received an advanced copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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    We sit across from each other at a table so tiny we may was well be sitting in each other s lap Cozy, she says.I snort Your cozy is my awkward She grins Oh good It s not just me This book is so lovely and funny Thank you Edelweiss and the publisher for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.4.5 5 starsThe book is told in two POVs Max and Lina Neither voice sounds all that different from each other, but that doesn t really bother me because both are funny I loved that they each had a perspective I won t lie, the first few chapters were a tad rough The sentences were clunky and Max s POV had wayyyyyyy too many similes BUT it gets way better This book is funny It s almost like The Unhoneymooners and The Hating Game had a baby named The Worst Best Man.It has everything I want in a rom com the will they won t they, too much sexual tension, hate to love, there is only ONE bed, and awkward lies that lead to even uncomfortable ly hilarious shenanigans This book has some of the best communication I ve ever read in a romance novel I loved that so much The main character is Afro Latina Brazilian to be specific I love her family crosses fingers to join I really loved the family dynamics for both main characters They were each unique and you can see how they shaped each character Overall, despite the mildly rough start, I adore this book It is a funny and sweet romance I would love for this to become a Netflix rom com Content Warnings and Trigger Warnings alcohol consumption

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    4 Stars This was a classic rom com and a really fun book Told from alternating points of view, The Worst Best Man will draw you in early on and make you laugh out loud several times Lina is a wedding planner who was ditched at the alter Lina was hilarious and her family provided for great secondary characters Max was previously the best man in Lina s wedding gone wrong and the man who communicated to Lina that the wedding would not be taking place The two are now tasked with working together for the career opportunity of a lifetime This was an enemies to lovers trope reminiscent of The Hating Game or The Unhoneymooners The Worst Best Man was nothing new but it was a quick and delightful read Lina was a character with a lot of depth that you couldn t help but root for I did find myself having trouble connecting with Max as a character I wanted from him Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Imagine the male protagonist of a romance being the one who opens the story by telling his brother not to marry his fianc e for various reasons not quite made clear to us, then later snags the fianc e for himself Not by manipulation really, but by coincidence several years later, when the trio meet again as part of a business rivalry recruitment set up The Worst Best Man had an amusing start, albeit one that made me cringe The writing is witty, assured and quirky enough that it can elicit a few amused smirks out of you, yet for what is a promising storyline, I thought the forward momentum of the plot stalled somewhere in the middle with a lot of to and fro between Lina and Max The sheer details of wedding after wedding, then the family crowd jutting in and there and the constant emphasis on Portuguese and Brazilian culture and food, etc just got to me that it was hard to even get a glimpse of the very slow burn between Lina and Max so much so that I was squinting for it each time they interacted Still, Max s and Lina s dynamic was interesting so to speak not quite friends, not quite enemies, but there was the undercurrent of discomfort, awareness and past hurt that couldn t be brushed away too easily because of a history that was after all, a major bump in Lina s life Both were, individually, relatively well fleshed out, but setting them up as a pair and the subsequent development of them as a couple were the parts where I thought the story fell short Max and Lina had internalised their attraction to each other even that felt quite muted that it dragged out a chemistry which could have been hotter and brighter When they fell into bed together was the time I felt like I d been blindsided somehow there just didn t seem enough between them for that spark to ignite More so perhaps, when the emotional twist came at the end because it left me gobsmacked and confused because, wasn t it about Lina to start with Long and short it, I wished I liked this , given how the blurb so easily hooked me in In the end, it was of a stuttering journey to end of the line and even then, I couldn t buy into a couple who didn t quite seem to move on completely from their past convincingly enough to be one that I could root for ARC by the publisher via Edelweiss

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    4 Brazilian Weddings StarsARC provided by the author.Thanks Mia Sosa is an author I can always count on to deliver great romances with a hint of Brazilian culture This was another winner.This was the story of Lina, a first generation Brazilian American wedding planner who was left at the altar years ago, and Max, the super sweet brother and best man of the jerk who abandoned Lina Forced to work together, they slowly realize that Lina almost married the wrong brother.The romance doesn t fit into the super slow burn category I gravitate toward, but it developed in a nice pace There was plenty of chemistry between Lina and Max and enough angst due to their history to keep me interested every step of the way I loved how their relationship went from almost hatred to friendship to love The conflict near the end was also believable and the solution was satisfying.Lina s family was a positive addition to the story For me, as a Brazilian, her relationship with her cousins, aunts and mother felt genuine Besides, every opportunity they mentioned BR food just made me extra happy If you haven t tried brigadeiro or p o de queijo yet, you don t know what you re missing.I highly recommend this if you re looking for a sweet and sexy read with great chemistry.

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    1 This was my first Mia Sosa book but you bet your ass it won t be my last.2 It had a very 27 Dresses feel, without actually mooching the plot.3 I loved it Loved It 4 I loved Max, and I LOVED the utter lack of toxic masculinity that happened in this book, especially with Dean, and also book gods, please let Dean get his own book thank you But not Andrew, who is a twat.5 Can I just re read this again and again

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    Let s just jump right in and talk about what I loved about The Worst Best Man I loved the depths that the author gave to Lina She was an incredibly well rounded character She had a loving and entertaining family but she also had generations of strong women unwittingly adding guilt and pressure to succeed built into her character Lina had an incredible work ethic and she doesn t just drop everything once the romance begins in earnest, although there are some questionable judgement calls because comedy must ensue Her business is an essential part of the plot and I m so glad that the author has her actually working throughout the book the working girl who is never written working in romance books is a pet peeve of mine And even though Lina aims to be focused and composed she is given layers of emotion to be peeled back and explored It all added up to a fantastic character.I loved the Brazilian heritage and culture that was written in to the story I loved the hijinks and funny moments, there were some great opportunities for petty revenge in the enemies to lovers sections Now on to the things that I didn t like some of the dialogue was stilted and contrived It just didn t flow naturally And Max didn t seem to have a distinct voice, everyone just sounded alike actually All of the males felt like they were written by a woman, their tones and verbiage just sounded off to me And that tends to take me out of a story as I m reading I also wanted from a couple sections of the book I wanted interaction between Max and his brother I wanted the rivalry and consequential situations to blow up bigger and louder I wanted from their mom s presence, especially some scenes between her and Lina I wanted to be built around the ex fianc situation Lina and Max both think so heavily about how it will look dating the brother of her ex fianc but besides said brother, absolutely no one indicates they give a flying fig Just a few judgmental people or comments sprinkled in would have given so much to this perceived obstacle and made the ending sweeter.I think I just wanted a few hurdles for them to jump and overcome to really bind their new love together and give the reader to hold on to While Max s inner turmoil was interesting and the final job interview was concerning, I m not sure it was enough for me.So overall I liked the story but it was a bit of a back and forth However, I m definitely going to need to look into lime green wedding dresses Some of the details the author threw in were forever memorable Ha I received an advance e copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Lina is such a wonderful character Strong and fierce but totally relatable The author does a great job of sucking you into the story.

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    This was a quick read that only took me a few days to finish I like how Mia Sosa kept the fast pace going throughout the book I also liked that it wasn t just a lusty read It was a little bit of a tricky situation having Lina get involved with her almost brother in law despite her not knowing much about him They built a bit of a friendship as they worked on their project together.I really adored Lina s Brazilian family I ve never read a book where Afro Brazilians were portrayed so I appreciated the inclusion of different Portuguese phrases, foods, and traditions Lina also spoke about how as a black woman and a latina woman she has to overcome obstacles I greatly appreciated that because as a black woman myself I know it s something we all have to overcome There s a fine balance between being passionate and not coming across and the fiery feisty one or the angry black woman And we don t get the luxury of crying it out We have to keep our emotions in tact One thing I wished it would have acknowledged is the dynamic of an interracial relationship Max is white but it was never acknowledged beyond his blond hair.I could easily see this turned into a movie I received an arc from Netgalley and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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The Worst Best Man Critically Acclaimed Author Mia Sosa Delivers A Sassy, Steamy Enemies To Lovers Romantic Comedy About A Woman Whose New Job Requires Her To Work Side By Side With The Best Man Who Ruined Her Wedding Her Ex Fianc S Infuriating, Irritating, Annoyingly Handsome Brother Perfect For Fans Of Jasmine Guillory, Helen Hoang, And Sally Thorne A Wedding Planner Left At The Altar Yeah, The Irony Isn T Lost On Carolina Santos, Either But Despite That Embarrassing Blip From Her Past, Lina S Managed To Make Other People S Dreams Come True As A Top Tier Wedding Coordinator In DC After Impressing An Influential Guest, She S Offered An Opportunity That Could Change Her Life There S Just One Hitch She Has To Collaborate With The Best Make That Worst Man From Her Own Failed Nuptials Tired Of Living In His Older Brother S Shadow, Marketing Expert Max Hartley Is Determined To Make His Mark With A Coveted Hotel Client Looking To Expand Its Brand Then He Learns He Ll Be Working With His Brother S Whip Smart, Stunning Absolutely Off Limits Ex Fianc E And She Loathes Him If They Can Survive The Next Few Weeks And Nail Their Presentation Without Killing Each Other, They Ll Both Come Out Ahead Except Max Has Been Public Enemy Number One Ever Since He Encouraged His Brother To Jilt The Bride, And Lina S Ready To Dish Out A Little Payback Of Her Own But Even The Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry, And Soon Lina And Max Discover Animosity May Not Be The Only Emotion Creating Sparks Between Them Still, This Star Crossed Couple Can Never Be Than Temporary Playmates Because Lina Isn T Interested In Falling In Love And Max Refuses To Play Runner Up To His Brother Ever Again

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Worst Best Man
  • Mia Sosa
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780062909879

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