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    Questionable InfluenceIt s not a bad read, the dialog is nice and linear and makes sense and has a good rhythm, unlike Tough Tug and Eraser and other Kindle First kid books that have words all over the page with no discernable order.It kept the 2 year old s attention and wasn t painful for me to read.But It teaches your kid that it s totally ok to ignore your parent, kick them, flood the bathroom, jump between bathroom fixtures, and dump out all the bubble bath, and your spineless parent really just needs to chill out and have fun with you.I guess it s in the name of the book, but there you go There s no lesson about not being naughty The dad just learns a lesson about letting his naughty child do whatever he wants.

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    Great read that my twins lovedI have twin two year old boys and picked this up as bath time has become of an ordeal than an activity Boys loved it and asked to read it again immediately after the first

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    Cute, quick read No life lessons to be learned, just a bit of fun Not sure I d read it to a kid near bath time though Free from First Reads December 2019

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    CuteThis was a cute story that was well received by all three of my children A good choice for rambunctious children.

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    Loved itThis was a fun one to read to my kiddos and my kids loved it too Thanks for the freebie,

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    First ReadWellI would give the ninja a 3.

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    That s cute.

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Naughty Ninja Takes a Bath After Crossing Raging Rivers And Tromping Through The Jungle, Naughty Ninja Returns To His Secret Ninja Training Camp For Lunch But When He Gets Inside, His Parents Tell Him He Needs A Bath Before Naughty Ninja Gets In The Tub, He Notices Poisonous Flies And An Angry Alligator Circling His Dad, Who Doesn T Even Seem To Know He S In Trouble Good Thing Naughty Ninja Is Around To Save The Day Amid Sudsy Fun, A Boy S Imaginary Ninja Life And His Everyday World Collide In The Ultimate Bath Time Adventure