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The Glittering Hour An Unforgettable Historical About True Love Found And Lost And The Secrets We Keep From One Another From An Award Winning Author Selina Lennox Is A Bright Young Thing Her Life Is A Whirl Of Parties And Drinking, Pursued By The Press And Staying On Just The Right Side Of Scandal, All While Running From The Life Her Parents Would Choose For HerLawrence Weston Is A Penniless Painter Who Stumbles Into Selina S Orbit One Night And Can Never Let Her Go Even While Knowing Someone Of Her Stature Could Never End Up With Someone Of His Except Selina Falls Hard For Lawrence, Envisioning A Life Of True Happiness But When Tragedy Strikes, Selina Finds Herself Choosing What S Safe Over What S RightSpanning Two Decades And A Seismic Shift In British History As World War II Approaches, Iona Grey S The Glittering Hour Is An Epic Novel Of Passion, Heartache And Loss

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    I normally compose my reviews right after finishing a book but after finishing The Glittering Hour I had to wait I had to compose myself first So with tears still in my eyes, I would like to share how deeply this book moved me First of all, it completely transports the reader to both timelines in 1925 when we meet free spirited Selina and then in 1936 when we meet her daughter Alice Both timelines are equally interesting and engaging The life of Selina and her fellow Bright Young Things is well captured The world of young Alice is also so well described that you can perfectly visualize her grandparents decaying estate Each character was just perfect as was the whole book right to the last page I want to thank NetGalley, Thomas Dunne Books St Martin s Press and Ms Grey for an advance copy of this wonderful book.

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    The Glittering Hour, is a story with a dual timeline, it flows seamlessly between 1925 and 1936 In 1925 the war is over, Selina is a member of the Bright Young People she spends her time going to parties, staying up late, drinking way too much, going on silly treasure hunts with her friends and she s footloose and fancy free Really, Selina is very insecure due to her strict upbringing, her mother is a stern, cold, distant woman and she finds her youngest daughter rather flighty Selina misses her brother Howard terribly he died fighting in WW I, she s partying and living life for both of them.One night while driving around with her friends on a treasure hunt, they run over a cat, Selina gets out of the car, her friends drive off and leave her behind with the injured cat Lawrence Weston comes to her aide, he s a complete stranger, and together they bury the poor unfortunate cat Lawrence is a struggling artist, he paints portraits of young men who died fighting in WW I, he uses photos given to him by their families and he provides them with a lasting memento of their lost sons He really wants to be a photographer, he needs the money and painting is a way for him to support himself In 1936, nine year old Alice is staying at Blackwood Hall with her grandparents, they have employed a governess, Miss Vera Lovelock to look after her and see to her education Selina is away with her husband on a business trip to Burma, she sends her lonely daughter letters and her maid Polly passes them on to Alice To help Alice discover secrets from her mothers past, she sends her daughter on a treasure hunt, with clues hidden in the letters and she s looking for items scattered around the families crumbling property Here Alice meets the families old gardener Mr Patterson, they become friends, she begins helping him in the garden and she s not as lonely.Blackwood is an old family estate, the Lennox Family is struggling to maintain the house and the once beautiful gardens are over grown Many upper class families struggled to manage their homes after WW I, times had changed and they no longer had the money or the staff to do so At the time, women of Selina s class are expected to marry well, it s a way of topping up the families finances, keeping the expensive estates a float and especially for families who had lost, sons and husbands in the war Selina is under pressure to do the right thing, marry her brothers best friend Rupert Carew and make her mother happy for once She feels an instant connection with Lawrence Weston, will she throw caution to the wind, follow her her heart and let her family down Iona Grey has written a story about, hidden secrets, family honor, discovering the truth and the pain of lost love Get out the tissues, you will need them and I gave The Glittering Hour five big stars I have shared my review on Australian , Goodreads, Edelweiss, Twitter and my blog.https karrenreadsbooks.blogspot.com

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    I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this new novel for four years, after devouring Iona Grey s brilliant, award winning debut novel Letters to the Lost I was very excited at being chosen to review this novel which totally blew me away and exceeded all of my expectations.This new novel is set in the intervening years between the two world wars and mainly at the family country house Blackwood or in London It Girl Selina Lennox is living the high life of swigging champagne, dancing the night away and of rebelling against and shocking her traditional parent s generation It is a time of outrageous costume parties, risk taking and gallivanting through the streets of London She is one of The Bright Young Things and lives life to the full, seeking adventure and game for anything She marries only to follow the conventions of the day, for security and safety Her daughter Alice is born and for Selina it is love at first sight Selina and Alice have a strong bond, spend as much time together as they can and life is good.When Alice is nine years old Selina accompanies her husband on a mammoth business trip across the world to his business interests in the far east, leaving Alice with The Grands in their country estate and communicating by letters when they docked at different ports Poor Alice is so homesick so Selina set a series of ingenious treasure hunts for her to solve, to give her something to distract her and engage her imagination Reading these inspiring letters and following the clues helps Alice to pass her spare time away, her stern Governess takes her on instructive walks and Alice is overseen by her mother s kind and nurturing once maid and confidante It is here that Alice learns of her own and her mother s life stories and is introduced to Selina s very special friend Lawrence Weston, once a struggling artist who painted portraits of the rich and famous to fund his love of photography I adored this captivating, tender and poignant story I loved absolutely everything about it from the brilliant storytelling, engaging characters and timeline to the themes Iona Grey chose for her second novel I loved the way the various threads of the stories were developed and richly brought to life It is a heart breaking novel, unique and imaginative with everyday life issues under a compassionate scrutiny only such a talented author could pull off I loved the contrasts drawn between the haves and the have nots , between the different generations and the attention to the conventions and rules verses the raging and misbehaving younger generation I loved the language and descriptions and thought the title of the novel was inspired It had everything I most enjoy within its 400 pages and I give this novel a resounding 5 award and the advice that it is totally unmissable and truly magical I received this book through my membership of NetGalley and from publisher Simon Schuster UK in return for an honest review Thank you most sincerely for my copy As you can see I absolutely drank in every word Bravo

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    3.5 A lovely book tinged with sadness A story about a big love and secrets told in two parts I especially enjoyed the time period and tone of the book.The story is about Selina Lennox, who was a young socialite in England She marries in 1926 to a man that her family deems to be acceptable and gives birth to a daughter, Alice The story begins in 1936 as Selina accompanies her husband on a business trip to Burma She has to leave her daughter in the care of her up to do family As she knows it will be hard for her daughter to be away from her and stay with her family that has always been a little distant she starts a little game with her She begins to write letters to Alice and tells her she will reveal to her about how she became to be Essentially the story of Alice With the letters are clues to a treasure hunt that will lead Alice to discover things about her life The story here goes back and forth from 1926 to 1936.I thought the premise of the book was pretty clever Although the story was engaging I did find part one to somewhat lag I would have also preferred for the big love story to be drawn out a little bit I found that part lacked some depth for me initially although it made up for it in part two Part two of the book was very touching albeit sad I read, Iona Grey s first novel, Letters to the Lost and loved that one a lot I didn t find myself as captivated by this one but nevertheless I still enjoyed it I think she is an up and coming and talented author who I will for sure keep my eyes out for any upcoming releases.I would like to thank NetGalley and St Martin s Press for granting me the opportunity to read this Advance Reader Copy.

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    I cannot even begin to tell you how achingly beautiful this book is.Iona Grey has broken my heart all over again.I know my words will never, in a million years, do this book the justice it deserves You need to read it for yourself to understand I cannot recommend it highly enough.I absolutely adored Iona Grey s previous novel, Letters To The Lost I talk about it, a lot I have been patiently waiting for four years for her next book and I can tell you that The Glittering Hour has most certainly been worth the wait, although I truly hope I won t have to wait another four years for another book by this amazing author.I practically squealed with excitement when the publisher sent me an invite to view The Glittering Hour on Netgalley, but unfortunately due to previous commitments I was unable to dive in immediately, although resisting it was hard work I can tell you Anyway, it didn t download to my Paperwhite, for some reason, and by the time I had realised it had already been archived, but never mind because I bought it anyway and I have the paperback on pre order I will be adding the audible narration also.In 1925 Selina Lennox is well known as one of the Bright Young Things Her life consists of enjoying parties with her friends, drinking and sometimes slightly risky activities which often result in their pictures appearing in the newspapers and fashionable magazines She knows she will be expected to settle down one day and she is determined to enjoy her youth in the meantime Then the untimely death of a cat brings her face to face with Lawrence Weston and her life changes forever.Lawrence is a struggling artist with a passion for photography and is the most endearing of characters I pictured him as extremely good looking Tall, dark and handsome, in a bit of a rough and ready kind of a way I totally understood how Selina fell for him so easily, but I do believe, looks aside, that everyone has a soul mate and these two are most definitely each other s They reminded me so much of my husband and I except I cannot begin to imagine how I would ever give that up, especially to satisfy the expectations of family and society as a whole Having said that, I could, sort of, understand Selina s fears Not so much her fear of what others might think, but her fear of loving so deeply and of being so emotionally overwhelmed My heart broke for her, but especially for Lawrence This story is just so full of raw emotion and I know it will be another one which will stay with me for a very long time to come.When we meet Alice, Selina s daughter, almost a decade later she is residing with her Grandparents as her parents are away on a business trip Alice is 9 years old and the love between her and her mother is palpable They keep in touch via letter, but obviously miss each other dearly and my heart went out to them both Even so as the story progresses and we learn that not all is as it seems When I thought this story could not be any heart breaking it shattered my heart all over again as the chapters revealed the truth behind Selina s absence I sobbed so much I could barely read the words It s just so sad, but also hopeful in the end I d love to hear about how life pans out for these lovely characters after the closing chapter of this book I have to hope that they find happiness and peace.https chataboutbooks.wordpress.com

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    Visit the locations in the novelSometimes there comes a novel that moves you so much that you have to write your review just to get your emotions out A book that moves you so much that you have to stop blubbering long enough so you can write your thoughts down A love story so exquisitely drawn that you finish the book and start to feel like you ve been in it with them and now feel bereft that they ve gone.The Glittering Hour, as its name suggests, sparkles, and it s not just the love story There s drama, family secrets, letters, a young girl and her governess in a manor house,a treasure hunt, a group of artists and secrets spilling out over time.What a stunning, magical, heartwarming, heartbreaking, utterly emotional read.I have loved Iona Grey s writing for some time now but this takes it to another level I am all out of tears, my heart hurts and I am surrounded by wet, shredded tissues.Iona has captured so much in this novel A time and place London 1920s, 1930s and Wiltshire and a relationship between two people of very different class backgrounds and wrung so many conflicting emotions that I don t know what to do with myself.Blackwood House in Wiltshire where much of this novel takes place might not be real, but it feels real as it s so stunningly brought to life via the sounds of the garden, the aroma of the flowers, the sun flickering on its walls, and the friendly gardener Then there s the lovely maid, the young Alice and a secret which comes through time via letters sent to Alice from her mother.This is a novel to discover for yourself but I can only say it s one of the most moving love stories I have read for some time Please say this man is real Iona Your characters breathed life and I got to know and love them so well that I am sad now that I ve finished the novel I felt every look, every flutter of a heartbeat and every delicious drip of anticipation with them.There s so much I want to say about this novel but it s the discovery of it that is your very own glittering hour Utterly delightful and captivating in equal measure Is there a Glittering Hour help group Iona I need one.

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    Although the title of the book is The Glittering Hour, it s the glittering few hours I spent reading this book that is uppermost in my mind at the moment.Events unfold over the course of a decade with the story alternating between 1936, as nine year old Alice embarks on a treasure hunt of a kind to uncover the secrets of her mother s past, and 1925 in which Selina recalls her heady days as one of the Bright Young People and the chance meeting that changed everything for her Interspersed are insights from other characters, such as Selina s faithful maid, Polly, and Alice s governess, Miss Lovelock.The main characters are so sensitively and vividly drawn it feels as though they could step right off the page However, I also fell in love with some of the minor characters, such as Patterson the gardener at Blackwood Hall I admired the way the author conjured up with equal ease 1920s London and the excesses of the Bright Young People extravagant parties, a never ending stream of cocktails and champagne, wild late night treasure hunts and the faded grandeur of Blackwood Hall in the 1930s with its overgrown gardens, chilly rooms and echoing corridors.The legacy of war, in this case the First World War, is another theme explored in the book the traumatic memories and survivors guilt of those who came back, and the ghostly presence of those who didn t such as Selina s brother Howard The latter is cleverly connected with the art of photography through Lawrence Weston s current occupation painting portraits of young men lost in the war based on photographs of them provided by their grieving families Photographs what they say and don t say, the capturing of a likeness or of a moment in time will play an important part in the book.There are many things I could say in praise of this book but I ll confine myself to merely recommending that you read it for yourself Be prepared for The Glittering Hour to take you on an intense but spellbinding emotional journey, some elements of which you may find confound your expectations And definitely have a box of tissues handy.

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    Another masterpiece from Iona Grey which was thoroughly worth the wait I completely fell in love with Selina Lennox, Lawrence Weston and little Alice Selina s daughter who as she waits for her mother s return from an overseas trip during the 1930s begins a treasure hunt which will change her life and reveal a deeply emotional story of love found, love lost and love reborn As always with Grey s writing, the two time periods and places in which the book is set London s high society in the desperate gaiety of the 1920s and Blackwood, a rundown country estate in the 1930s are beautifully observed, but it s the people we meet that will make this story live long in the memory Selina, the wild party girl so desperate to escape the sterile propriety of her aristocratic family and the devastating loss of her beloved brother Howard in the carnage of the First World War, that she lives life on the edge until she meets a man who can see the frightened girl inside her and love her still thus beginning a passionate affair that burns bright, but maybe too bright Lawrence, a working class artist struggling with his own demons, so sensitive, so passionate, so kind, so observant but also held back by the same social s and class structure that have crippled Selina And Alice, Selina s little girl, introverted, artistic, shy, and unobserved by all the adults in her life except her mother and kind maid Polly, cast adrift in a stately home which holds the secret that will eventually liberate her if only she can find the answers to the clues her mother has left her As their stories intertwine, the end result is a beautiful, emotionally complex and deeply compelling tale that will break your heart, but also inspire your soul I m not kidding, it s that good Read it.

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    I received a free copy on the Goodreads sanctioned giveaway Thank you The first third of this book was so mind boggling boring to me that if I had not won it and promised to review it, I definitely would have chucked the read A DNF.It s varying time periods little change the style and onus of the writing It s pure emotional based popularity vs affection vs love life type of womanhood effusion volcano Which can be done very well, but in this case ran terribly, terribly overlong And to make matters worse for me in reading experiences it is also simplistic and socialite to not just obvious Twists aren t The second half was better, but done immensely for the magical sob sister groups who love to cry And man, I sure am not in that group Reading or otherwise.So overall, for most readers of all persuasions and gender who read I would give it a 2.5 stars rounded up It used 15 words when 4 would do And was so highly redundant that I couldn t ever go toward 4 star Not the type of placements that make my historical intrigue lights ignite either Bored wealthy girls Morose I would recommend this only to those who love chick lit when it is also ponderously long and repetitive Or for those who love to cry and have Kleenex handy in triplicate packaging To me, that is nearly the opposite of encompassed beauty for prose descriptions or my idea of reading entertainment either For romances or other fiction in general either I need far wit and much fewer words Just a note to those who gush love for this one read Georgette Heyer IMMENSELY better.

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    I was a blithering mess in a good way when I finished this beautiful heartbreaking story Everyone must read this gorgeous book