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    I don t review my own books, but I do use this space to update readers So here goes12 20 19 Hardcovers are coming off the presses on Dec 30 Signed early pre orders bought directly from us will ship January 6th Click here to pre order a copy 10 19 19 We are back from New York we were there for the start of the recording of the audiobook We still have at least one, and maybe two days of recording left We are finding some very minor adjustments that we are making during the recordings, so I m going to wait until we are done before making the ebook But we are dangerously close to having everything locked down and sending the Kickstarter backers their ebook on the next installment.10 10 19 The beta reader feedback is in and incorporated, and I ve received the copyedits from both Linda and Laura I ll just need a few days to accept reject the copyedits and then we re done Kickstarter people should receive their copies of Age of Death ebook within a week If you missed the Kickstarter and want a manual add that s still possible Just fill out his form, and we ll add you 09 24 19 Did you miss the Kickstarter No worries, there is a manual way we can add you to the project, so you can still join in the fun Just fill out his form, and we ll get you set up 09 10 19 The Kickstarter ended and it was a great success 3,120 backers 567 than my previous best project 119,337 in funding 8,471 than my previous best project 2nd most backed fiction Kickstarter of all time 4th most funded fiction Kickstarter of all timeFor those that missed the Kickstarter, there will be a way to participate through the BackerKit pre order store I ll be posting when it is live.09 09 19 The book is essentially done and has gone to the copyeditors for them to work their magic One will have it back on 10 04 the other on 10 08 It ll take me a few days to go over their changes then we can get the Kickstarter backers their copies.08 23 19 Well, yesterday we launched the Kickstarter for Age of Death, and while I m not surprised the project fundedI was shocked that we did so in just 25 minutes Currently, it s raised than 61,000 from nearly 1,700 backers That makes it the 7th most backed and 15 most funded fiction project of all time We already cleared our first stretch goal, and Robin just posted a second one all backers will receive a bonus short story Autumn Mists If you want to get Age of Death 3 months before the retail release, then come on by the Kickstarter 08 06 19 And done Well, mostly Some time ago, Robin had some major alpha feedback for this book, which made me take apart the engine, and for a while, it was in pieces around my garage Well, I put it back together, turned the key, and what do you know it started With the magnitude of the changes, Robin needed to go over it again, and she did There was still one major area that needed work and after a surprisingly short and easy meeting they don t always go that way we had a plan, and so while she finished reviewing the book, I worked on some tweaks to the part she and I agreed to in our meeting Well, I finished them about half an hour ago, and at the same time, Robin sent me a file with her full book s review comments of which are simple line edit level changes no structural issues These types of changes usually go quickly for me, and I predict we can be in beta in less than a week We ll keep you posted.07 18 19 Okay, with Age of Legend officially released we have seen a lot of excitement for this title So, here are some details 1 Pre order pages are already up for the audio and hardcover editions We hope to have the ebook live in the next few weeks Official release date is 2 4 20, but we WILL be doing a Kickstarter and people who pre order through that will get the book in October The artwork for the cover is finished Marc Simonetti did a great job, and I hope to be revealing the cover soon Stay tuned 03 28 18 Finished the post alpha 2 edits on this book, and it should be done except for any minor tweaking I might find as I work on post alpha 2 edits on the final book What is a post alpha 2 edit Well, Robin gave me initial alpha on books 4 6 back in the day, and 4 needed some pretty extensive work That s what I had been spending the majority of my post Age of War time on It was the most extensive rework of a book I ve done, but it was a essential and b I m now happy with the way that book is and if Robin agrees it ll start getting reading for beta Okay, so back to this book I went over it all given the massive changes to book 4 There were some things I trimmed out that weren t working for me, but very little needed to be revamped This book was actually in much better shape than I remembered, and if Robin is satisfied with it, It ll go over to beta shortly after Age of Legend Ohand we changed the title of thisagainbut I think we ll be sticking with Age of Death.

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    Age of Death took an astounding turn in the direction of the overall story, and it was brilliant This book is aptly titled as it would be the death of me We have yet another cliffhanger ending as the second arc of The Legends of the First Empire series is shaping up to be one continuous story It was excruciating to say the least, but I can empathise with Sullivan in struggling to find a suitable point to break off for each volume, short of releasing it as a single doorstopper A single volume wouldn t work for physical printing purposes, especially if collectors of the hardcovers want to maintain the aesthetics of the books And if you ve seen their covers and how the hardcovers look like, you ll want that consistency They are stunningly beautiful.The mythology of Elan as we know it from Riyria has been blown apart in this penultimate volume It is getting harder and harder to write a review for one of these books as we progress towards what is looking to be an epic finale Reading The Legends of the First Empire as a huge fan of Riyria books which I ve read about three times already made it enthralling as one can now appreciate how much history has morphed into myths and legends over the span of three thousand years I d probably sound like a broken record by now, but it is the gradual unveiling of the truths, the real events and the people behind it, which made this series so incredibly captivating for me.It would not come to your surprise to know that our beloved characters also continued to grow and develop most compellingly as they venture into a strange new place I know it sounded vague, but truly I couldn t say anything except that the resultant worldbuilding in this place was spectacular Those who ve read Age of Legend would know what it was to come Even with such anticipation, I was amazed with the revelations that came to light when our brave and intrepid band of unlikely heroes dared to undertake this dangerous and arduous journey Have I ever said how much I loved that the unsung heroes of this saga were not typical heroes and warriors This war won t be won or lost by birds or dragons, nor by greed or hate, but by the courage and virtue of an unlikely few who will forfeit everything to save the future Sullivan s writing kept getting better over the years, but the one thing which has been his hallmark all these time was his excellent characterisation I dare you to read his books and come out not caring about the characters The story of redemption, one of my favourite character themes, is ever present and well written in Sullivan s books Riyria was the best example of this And then we also have the stories of marginalised characters who are and become so much than what people expect them to be Poor indeed are the infallible, for facing failure teaches us how to prosper Age of Death is the most exciting and fantastic entry of the series so far While one would expect that of a penultimate instalment of a series, it was the manner in which the story took a turn that made it so fascinating and thrilling I have no clue how the story will continue for the finale, Age of Empyre, which is without a doubt one of my most anticipated books of the year I received an early copy of the ebook as one of the Kickstarter backers.Official release date 4th February 2020 You can pre order a copy from US UK Book Depository Free shipping worldwide You can find this and my other reviews at Novel Notions.

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    Beta read went through it rather quicklyGamma read very few changes I think some of the chapter titles changed, but I ll have to compare the two versions to be sure 4.5 starsThis book felt so short, yet it s over 400 pages The book starts off with Brin, thankfully, right where the previous book ended This book also has a cliffhanger, but I don t think it s quite as agonizing as Age of Legend.About half the book follows the seven as they explore and fight through uncharted territory Everything they experience is new and fascinating The other half follows Suri and the Fhrey, who are on the road to civil war I enjoyed seeing the conspiracy take shape Very little time is given to Persephone and the other humans.If you ve enjoyed the series so far, you ll find this one quite satisfying It s quick and easy to read, full of adventure There are several characters, like Tesh, who grow and change This element complemented all the adventure stuff nicely.Clean language no sexual content some violence Book Blog

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    WTH was that ending I was warned it will end in a cliffhanger, but I expected a milder one, like in the previous volume, not like this Damn Well, at least I should be happy that with Kickstarter I ll get to read the final volume in February, not May.Anyway, despite the vexing ending, I very much enjoyed the book It picks up the story from the previous volume but now its focus is on the fellowship view spoiler trying to save Suri hide spoiler

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    With Suri in the hands of Fane Lothian, Nyphron is convinced he no longer has a chance of winning the war Persephone finds herself alone Her brave friends who went to save Suri are dead, but Malcolm tells her that there s still a chance they could return The group who willingly entered the land of the dead are the Rhunes only hope.Age of Death like Age of Legend ended in a cliff hanger At least I know I won t have to wait too long for the last book of the series, but I really wish the story progressed further.Age of Death clearly shows that in this world, death isn t the end The reader is granted a view of the afterlife and the realms within it The history of the world and the gods are mentioned in some detail which was interesting to say the least The gods aren t exactly what I imagined they would be.I love the work put into the various characters I find myself enjoying all of them and what they add to the tale, which is rare Michael J Sullivan puts them through what appears like hell at times and they all face it differently I know it s not reasonable to expect a happy ending for all of them, but I hope things all turn out for the better for each one of them.Age of Death was a really enjoyable read Now I just have to wait for the series conclusion, Age of Empyre.

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    Send help for I am not okay thAT IS NOT HOW CLIFFHANGERS WORK GODAMIT MICHAEL IT S PURE CRUELTY THAT S WHAT IT IS While it certainly feels like a middle book it s still a real good read Also I expect a big bang in Age of Empyre aND I M READY FOR ITAlso a reminder that Suri is the Preciousest of Precious and I love her If you came here expecting a proper review, you have came to the wrong place view spoiler also I had half a panic attack at least three times because I thought our little gang might meet Raithe in the Afterlife and my heart would not have been able to handle it but the fact he was nowhere to be found there, makes me even scared for what s to become of him and how it might develop in Empyre hide spoiler

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    But but you can t end a book like that Other than the cliffhanger ending this book mostly felt like filler Although we got to know of the history of the world, and I always like that sort of thing Quick disclaimer the version I read was only 349 pages, not 420 like it says here on Goodreads 3.5 stars

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    Best yet.

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    The endingTHE ENDING.need the next book now D Review to come, loved this book

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    4.5 stars This has been my favorite of the Legends series so far Went by quickly and left me wanting the next book.I have a tendency to get a little impatient with certain parts of the Legends series books Since there are things going on in different locations, with different characters, you have to go back to some of the less exciting spots from time to time I do find myself just wanting to be back where the action is, and have a tendency to try to get through these less exciting parts quickly While this still happened occasionally with this book, it was kept to a minimum and just what was necessary to keep you informed of what was going on elsewhere, so I appreciated that It does end in a cliffhanger that left me feeling much like the characters must be feeling I wanted to keep reading and I was grumbling for a couple minutes, but Mr Sullivan does warn you ahead of time and explains why he had to do this I feel confident that not all is lost, so I can handle waiting Luckily, the Sullivans are awesome and get the books out as quickly as humanly possible, so the wait should be fairly short Side note I received an early copy of this book as a Kickstarter backer, and I look forward to backing the next one

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Age of Death Winter Blankets The Land, And Than Just Hope Has Died Prevented From Invading The Fhrey Homeland By The Tower Of Avempartha, The Western Army Seeks A Way Across The Nidwalden River Before The Fane Obtains The Secret Of Dragons As Time Runs Out For Both Humanity And The Mystic Suri, The Only Chance For The Living Rests With The Dead Having Made Their Fateful Choice, Can A Handful Of Misfits Do The Impossible, Or Are They Forever Lost To An Inescapable Grave Do Gods Truly Exist Is It Possible To Know The Future And What Lies Beyond The Veil Of Death In The Tradition Of Virgil S Aeneid, Dante S Divine Comedy, And Milton S Paradise Lost, The Most Epic Of Tales Transcend The World Of The Living It S Time To See What Lies In Elan S Age Of DeathFrom Michael J Sullivan New York Times, USA Today, And Washington Post Bestselling Author , Comes The Second To The Last Installment In The Epic Fantasy Series, Legends Of The First Empire The Series Chronicles A Pivotal Point In Elan S History When Humans Rise Against The Fhrey Who They Once Saw As Gods Set , Years Before The Riyria Tales, Legends Is A Standalone Fantasy Series Which Is Independent Of All Other Elan Stories That Said, If You Do Read The Other Books, You Ll See Lies Revealed And The Truth About Historical Figures Unmasked