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 Шинель Four Works By Great 19th Century Russian Author The Nose, A Savage Satire Of Russia S Incompetent Bureaucrats Old Fashioned Farmers, A Pleasant Depiction Of An Elderly Couple Living In Rustic Seclusion The Tale Of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarrelled With Ivan Nikiforovich, One Of Gogol S Most Famous Comic Stories And The Overcoat, Widely Considered A Masterpiece Of Form.

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    I d heard from people in my English class to avoid this collection because it allegedly was too pretentious and difficult, but after reading it myself I can honestly say I haven t the slightest Idea what they were talking about I found this book really engaging and easy to follow the writing was beautiful and powerful all at once, not snooty or pretentious at all It was original, deep, enlightening and timeless, especially in that it never tries to focus on trends or fads, but rather lifestyles that continue to prevail in various points throughout history A reflection of Russia s cultural beauty and portraits of peculiar people, The Overcoat and Other Short Stories never tries to be something it isn t and it s strangely familiar and complex in its simplicity.

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    Downloaded The Overcoat to better understand Jhumpa Lahiri s The Namesake , and discovered several other brilliant stories in the process.

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    The Overcoat is my favorite story by Gogol He writes in the absurd genre so sometimes it seems weird, but he also draws out human emotions to make his characters seem so real and makes such great commentary on life that he makes me want to read and re read his books There is a paragraph that talks about how all the people in Akaky s yep, that s his name office mock him that stands out as one those passages that sticks with a person for the rest of their life Only when the jokes were too unbearable, when they jolted his arm and prevented him from going on with his work, he would bring out Leave me alone Why do you insult me and there was something strange in the words and in the voice in which they were uttered There was a note in it of something that aroused compassion, so that one young man, new to the office, who, following the example of the rest, had allowed himself to mock at him, suddenly stopped as though cut to the heart, and from that time forth, everything was, as it were, changed and appeared in a different light to him Some unnatural force seemed to thrust him away from the companions with whom he had become acquainted, accepting them as well bred, polished people And long afterward, at moments of the greatest gaiety, the figure of the humble little clerk with a bald patch on his head rose before him with his heartrending words Leave me alone Why do you insult me and in those heartrending words he heard others I am thy brother And the poor young man hid his face in his hands, and many times afterwards in his life he shuddered, seeing how much inhuminity there is in man, how much savage brutality lies hidden under refined, cultured politeness, and my God even in a man whom the world accepts as a gemtleman and a man of honor

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    The Overcoat, The Nose, and The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich are all about the most bland and or odd subjects a guy gets a new coat, someone s nose runs away, two guys become enemies over a silly insult The fact that each story managed to keep me reading and chuckling until the end speaks to Gogol s quality as an author It isn t what he writes about it is how he writes that is so pleasing Everything I have read by him is relayed through a tongue in cheek narrator with an aptitude for characterization I m not sure I m completely satisfied with the ends of these stories, but they weren t bad.My favorite lines All at once Ivan Ivanovich uttered an exclamation, and became petrified with fear a dead man appeared to him but he speedily recovered himself on perceiving that it was a goose , thrusting its neck out at him Whichever way you look at it, this is an impossible occurrence After all, bread is something baked, and a nose is something altogether different His name was Akakii Akakievich It may strike the reader as rather singular and far fetched but he may feel assured that it was by no means far fetched, and that the circumstances were such that it would have been impossible to give him any other name and this is how it came about.

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    Solid read Eu s n o gostei de Viy porque a narrativa t o boa que me deixou literalmente tremendo de medo e isso um grande elogio ao G gol Os demais contos novelas s o definitivamente brilhantes e, mais ainda, surpreendentes Aprendi sobre costumes russos e ucranianos e suas lendas fant sticas Outro aspecto brilhante a transi o do cotidiano ao fant stico em algumas narrativas t o sutil que me vi constantemente surpreendida Ah, s consigo pensar na palavra incr vel

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    I m not going to comment on any of the stories in this collection individually, as I wrote reviews for each story, but I will only say that this was a most enjoyable read This collection contains four works Old Fashioned Farmers, How the Two Ivans Quarreled, The Nose and The Overcoat Having now read these in addition to Dead Souls I ve made the following observations about Nikolai Gogol 1 He is very funny There is humor to be found in all of these stories, and in Dead Souls, often laugh out loud sort of funny 2 His style is playful Throughout Gogol reminds us that there is an author and or a narrator telling a story, that what we are reading may not be reliable, that if a character is to be described it is only because it is customary and not because it is necessary, justifying the incredible He is part Cervantes, part Laurence Sterne and a whole lot of fun to read, often incorporating the fantastic and the absurd into his tales 3 He loves writing about food I don t know much about the life of Gogol the writer, but one would guess that he was like Balzac a bit of a gastronome In almost every story he dedicates a good chunk to the discussion and description of foods, which can cause the reader s mouth to water 4 He did not view bureaucracy kindly Many writers fiction and nonfiction have taken aim at the slow turning wheels of bureaucracy, from Kafka to Max Weber, but few have done so quite as humorously as Gogol 5 He was a king of social satire It may not need a point of its own, as it ties in to points 2 and 4 above, but Gogol s satire is always acerbic He holds up a mirror to Russian society and maybe we, as readers, can all see our reflections shining back at us, sometimes disgusted by what we see, but often laughing all the same, for Gogol dealt with Russian society, but there is something universal in his writing.6 The detail Even in his short stories there is often so much detail and it is not surprising that Gogol is often considered to be the Father of Realism in Russian Literature Just as fresh as ever, 175 or so years on, I would recommend Gogol without hesitation to anyone And I m sure that I will be visiting these works again in due time.

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